Old style portrait. The sketch was done directly in Photoshop a while ago as a figure drawing practice and I like it enough to develop it further to a finished stage. The style does not represent any particular period, I tried to capture a general feeling of an old epoque.
Take a look at the major steps here. As you can see the concept evaluated quite a bit. A reference was used for the initial stage for the arm and the hand placement and also for the head turn. The face is from my imagination as well as her dress, embroidery, and hair style. She wears one glove - it was done on purpose just for the sake of composition. Reference was used for the lace and wall decor
Medium: Photoshop, cloth done in Painter.
Close up

Aerah Moon Priestess
Photoshop CS3

A portrait originally started as a simple practice in skin tones. I experimented with different painting techniques. For the first time I rendered entire image on just few layers: one for the background, one for sketch, one for the face and one for the hair. Click here to see how it was made; it's not a step by step though, because it was just a practice.
Medium: Photoshop CS3

Alkonost is divine entity, a half-woman, half-bird creature, the bird of dawn, grief and sorrow in Slavic mythology .Alkonost descends to the earth from the heaven to fascinate people with her singing. Alkonost is singing about death,calm and mercy. For Orthodox Church Alkonost personifies God's Will. However, for mortals the bird is dangerous. Hearing her sweet voice, men will forget all they know and wish, follow her blindly, and die.
Medium: Painted Photoshop CS and Painter 9. The head was originally done in Poser. It has been painted over in Photoshop for the second version of the picture. I just thought I can put it in 2D section.

Old Style Portrait Aerah Moon Priestess Milko Alkonost